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21c is specialist ICT innovation firm with a winning track record in identifying, piloting and deploying emerging ICT trends. We regularly advise EU Member States, countries and international actors around the world about the technological advances that are about to transform the way they deliver services.
The 21c team advises institutions and governments – including the United Nations and the European Commission – on the way in which technology can be used to improve public services, enhance citizen engagement and deliver more efficient and effective government. We deliver services to a range of international actors from the United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Bahrain through to the Kingdom of Lesotho, and we are regularly asked to address some of the world’s leading ICT conferences on the future of egovernment.

For close to a decade, we have driven the shift toward citizen-centric government. We are experts in understanding the new technologies that are about to reshape the way government is delivered, and working alongside public administrators in driving successful change. Companies including Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, TCS, HP and Alcatel-Lucent regularly consult 21c on our path breaking work in the rapidly evolving world of Smart ICT:

• Open Innovation: A new trend toward greater collaboration between government and citizens in the creation of new public services
• Open Data: The fuel for ‘ ‘Open Innovation’ and ‘Smarter Government’
• Smart Cities/Countries: How the Internet of Things & People can combine with open innovation and open data to deliver the government services citizens want and need

Press releases

Call to Transform Cities into Large-Scale Innovation Labs

On February 9th, the SELECT for Cities Initiative launched its call to support the development of an Internet-of-Everything platform for open... read more

09.02.2017 • By 21c Consultancy Ltd